Who's Jagular?

Charlotte Jeschke and Jan Becker from Wuppertal/Düsseldorf - Germany - have been performing together on the cello and on the guitar, playing singer-songwriter music, folk, americana and alternative pop since 2017.

Just like their band's name the music of the two students (philosophy, music and English) is also quite mysterious. Their songs deal with rather unusual themes such as prostitution, murder stories or the industrial revolution in England. Not exactly the usual Singer-Songwriter themes...

The use of reverb, sparingly placed beats and two-voice vocals make their music not only interesting, but also truly worth listening to.

If one tries to classify Jagular, it might help to imagine the illegitimate child of Damien Rice, the Kings of Convenience and Sting.


As a prelude to their album that they want to produce late 2017, they recorded some of their songs live in a church.